What not to save

One day my friend’s regular dentist said that his tooth was a difficult case and therefore I had to pay 5,000 more. He felt sorry for the money, he went to a free dentist, and since then he has been missing a tooth.

Do not save on your health, the health of others and the quality of life. You should not smear the wound with toothpaste instead of antiseptic, save on mosquito repellent and send the girl home on foot rather than by taxi.

How to treat teeth in a private clinic for free

It is dangerous to save money on complex products that are impossible or have no time to check, – Maxim told stories about this. He showed by examples that if there is not enough qualification in everyday matters, it is better to pay the master.

How to save money smartly and in a big way
Set up a separate account for each goal: your account for buying a computer, your account for traveling. It will be more difficult to take money from the account for a specific purpose: you will see how with each withdrawal the goal eludes you.

Spend less on entertainment. Many entertainments are free: socializing, walking or singing around a campfire in the forest. Read how students in Moscow spend 500-5000 R per month on entertainment.

Discuss upcoming expenses with your family. Relatives will not give unreasonable advice, but they will be able to dissuade from reckless spending or lead to new thoughts. In any case, it is never superfluous to discuss the problem with a loved one.

How to talk to loved ones about money

Pay first the necessary bills that threaten problems. If you do otherwise, you may not have the amount that you planned to set aside.

Invest wisely. Investments are not scary if you understand them. The course for beginners from T-Zh will help you with this.

First you need to find a good broker with a state license, learn how to balance risks, read financial news and build an initial investment portfolio.

How to choose a broker

As you complete the course, read more about where to invest your money.

Set big goals. It will be easier to save money if you have a specific meaning of saving: a car, an apartment or a personal island. Readers of the Tinkoff magazine said that they managed to accumulate large sums when they began to keep a personal budget.

Some managed to save up for a car with a salary of 35 thousand. Here’s what they advise:

Choose a car in advance and decide on the price. To make the price affordable for you, do not buy on credit, do not take a new car and do not be fooled by the class of car.
Keep a budget.
Optimize costs.
Divide the cost of the car into monthly payments, as if paying off a loan. Set aside them every month is the main condition.
Multiply your savings with bank interest and securities.
Those who saved up for an apartment have a common feature. People regularly set aside a fixed amount or a percentage of their income until the right moment came—lower mortgage rates or home prices. Then they used the savings as a down payment on a mortgage or bought an apartment entirely at once.

If this path does not suit you, read the detailed instructions on how to earn money for an apartment within the Moscow Ring Road, having a salary of 100-200 thousand rubles.

Calculator: find out how much you need to earn to buy an apartment

What to do if you can’t save money

I opened many pages on this request and even found a recommendation to go to a psychotherapist. It seems superfluous to me, but it is still important to understand your motives first. Why do you want to save money? What are your goals?

After that, you will understand how to save money. Internet banking will help you calculate harmful expenses. Just saving is not enough – try to raise your salary. And when free money appears, make a nest egg or invest it.