How to save on habits

Lead a healthy lifestyle. Not all elements of a healthy lifestyle lead to savings. Irina told how much the gym, personal training and delivery of proper nutrition cost. In another article, Julia explained that saving on sports is real.

Use at least those healthy lifestyle options that directly reduce your costs. For example, cycling or walking instead of transport. My friends say that the cost of buying a bike pays off because you stop spending money on travel.

Less money will be spent if you stop eating just for pleasure. It is difficult if a habit has developed, and usually a person breaks down anyway. Therefore, it is not necessary to change dramatically: at first you can reduce the fat content of foods, drink kefir, and not buy a piece of cake. If you fail, just try again as if nothing had happened.

Give up bad habits. Breaking bad habits is not easy for most people and requires gradualness. For example, it is difficult to quit smoking right away, although everyone understands that it kills. But Anton succeeded – you can try it too.

How to save money on alcohol

Forget fashion. I noticed that it is profitable to buy not the most fashionable clothes, but those that are sold on sale. You can simply choose a universal classic – you can’t go wrong, but at the same time save money. Some go further, for example, Evgeny buys clothes in second-hand stores and saves 34,000 rubles a year.

Take care of things. Maxim spoke about his six rules for caring for shoes. Thanks to this, they served him for nine years.

Do things yourself. Of course, you will not make a digital camera, an incandescent lamp or a hair dryer, but a lampshade, original storage containers or photo frames are quite within the power of a person. There are many sites that have complete guides to handmade.

Replace paid hobbies and hobbies with free ones. To run, you can go to the gym, or you can find some park near the house. For example, I run in Central Park: it is fresher and freer than on a treadmill in the gym.

Give handmade gifts if you know how to do something with them. For example, a custom-made knitted scarf is more expensive than buying in a store. If you knit it yourself, spend only on yarn. It looks like a heartfelt gift.

How much will you earn if you sell all these stupid gifts
Use exchange services. There are special services for the exchange of things. Through them, you can exchange a phone, car or even an apartment with another person.

How to save money on vacation and travel

The earlier you schedule, the better. This applies to traveling to another city on a Blablacar and traveling to another country by plane: the sooner you start tracking prices for tours and tickets, the more likely you are to snatch a good deal.

Ticket prices are cheaper on certain days. Sometimes airlines arrange promotions and give gifts. To keep abreast of events, you can subscribe to the airline’s page, for example, on Facebook. Sergey figured out what the prices for air tickets depend on.