How to save money on tariffs

To save on utility bills, there are also several principles.

How to save on utilities

Compare service rates. For example, if you live in Moscow and install a multi-tariff meter, then from 11 p.m. to 7 a.m. you will pay 4-5 times less for electricity compared to the daily rate.

Refuse unnecessary services. I have a radio connected in my house, although no one listens to it. Turning it off does not reach the hands, but it pumps out almost 1000 rubles a year.

Turn off the radio and collective television antenna – this will save 2000-3000 rubles a year. If a cell phone is enough for you, turn off the landline – this is another 3,000 rubles a year.

Look for ways to lower fees. Among the methods of paying for utilities, look for those that are commission-free. For example, it will not be available when paying through the personal account of the service provider or mobile applications of banks.

Are utility bills legal?

Pay up front. To avoid fines or disconnection, pay utility bills in advance.

Install counters. Install water meters for 4-6 thousand rubles, and save up to 50% of the payment on this. A common house heat meter saves up to 30%.

What happens if you don’t send meter readings?

Learn to spend wisely. T-Z describes several ways to use heat and water wisely:

Install modern lever taps – save up to 25% of water.
Eliminate plumbing malfunctions and seal gaps – you will save up to 20% of heat and water.
Get your batteries in order and save up to 40% on heating costs.
Buy modern household appliances and save up to 40% electricity and up to 50% water.
There are several other ways to save energy.

How to save electricity

Unplug electrical appliances at night. Everything is clear here: the longer the light is on, the more you have to pay. If the forgotten lamp burns all night, you will have to pay 4 rubles at the rate. If you forget to turn off the light every night, 1460 rubles will run up in a year.

If you often forget to turn off the lights in common areas, motion sensors can help save money.

How not to save on electricity
Install energy saving light bulbs. Energy-saving lamps shine in the same way, but consume 5-10 times less energy. They come in two types: fluorescent and LED. LED ones are more expensive, but they immediately turn on at full power (no need to wait until they warm up) and “live” for almost 6 years.

Use the correct utensils for the electric stove. Cookware for the electric stove should be with a thick and even bottom. If the bottom is thin, then when heated, it may lose its shape, it will take longer to heat up, and as a result, you will overpay for the dishes.

Set up the refrigerator correctly. The refrigerator cannot be placed anywhere. For example, if you install it near a hot battery, it will use more power, overheat, and may deteriorate.

Load the washing machine with laundry according to the rules. If you violate the rules for loading the machine, there will be more electricity consumption, the laundry or the machine may deteriorate. Most washing machines are designed for 3.5-6 kg of laundry.